Guys, we would love to include everything we have discovered about this innovative hack tool and the original source of this interactive website designed specifically for use among thirteen year old or older teenagers or young adults. But the material is too vast. So, let us fill you in as much as we can in this short time and space. Episode Choose Your Story Cheats is an online story and content generator hack tool that is regularly updated (online).

It was originally designed for all Episode Choose Your Story fans who previously could never afford to purchase gems and passes required to take a fully interactive part in the ongoing sagas about delinquent teenagers with problems which online readers can relate to. It is essentially about growing up and how to overcome obstacles. It can be coming of age or moment of truth encounters, but that’s entirely up to the participants.

As long as they keep up with the story’s original staging themes and write in context, the readers get to write their own episodes or excerpts. Episode Choose Your Story Cheats is compatible with IOS and Android. With the easy to download hack, new members, previously prohibited or limited, can now generate up to fifty thousand gems per day, and twenty five thousand passes per day. Only a few clicks are needed to generate these.

Episode Choose Your Story Cheats

The hack tool is fully workable and it’s safe to use. It’s also undetectable. Now, to wrap it all up, each Choose Your Story episode is written either by the website’s editors or the registered (or not) users. Critics have described this story board’s thrust to be superficial. They have also remarked on the amount of vulgarity exposed to, perhaps, vulnerable teenagers. Parents might want to watch this space.