boxing shorts

Boxers of note, whether they are amateur or professional, are well-known for their bravery and heroism. To achieve victories those qualities are required. What is less known is the intellect that accompanies such victories. To state the case, think back on how America’s Sugar Ray Leonard could outwit and outpace the likes of the brutish Marvelous Marvin Haggler and the effervescent Thomas The Hit Man Hearns.

And let us not forget the long-suffering and charismatic and much loved Latino, Roberto Duran. The sweet dancing Sugar Ray Leonard bashed them all. He was a true unanimous world middle weight champion of them all. He did not need tassels and bright colors on his boxing shorts to achieve his objectives. The others did, and there’s nothing wrong with that as far as you are concerned. Also not so well-known by passing admirers and hardly ever admitted to by tough as nails boxers is the streak of flamboyance they possess as part of their sporting showmanship. 

The audience loves it, and sometimes the distractions work for the pros. The men’s Lonsdale boxing shorts are useful for both the ring on the night of the fight and for use during training. It features the necessary wide waistband which allows them to challenge opposition prize fighters to find their weak abdominal spots. For flamboyance or attractiveness, the standard Lonsdale short is finished off with its legendary tag and logo.

For pure showmanship, boxers need colors that will dazzle, but it could be argued and as the historical evidence clearly shows, boxers, whether pro or amateur, should be focusing more on their style, form and fitness. One would imagine that it would be better to be remembered for achieving results.